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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And another day at the clinic

            This week at the clinic was more of the typical pro-life bullshit.  We did have a new guy who thought he was at Planned Parenthood.  He kept telling people how racist the clinic was and that we were doing away with black people.  He kept referring to me and the other escorts as whitey, which might have bothered me if he weren’t white.  I’m looking at this guy calling all the black guys bro thinking he was going to get himself beat.  Our black patients and their companions didn’t seem to appreciate his commentary.
            As usual the pro-lifers didn’t think that they had to respect the law.  One of them trespassed on our property and another called the police because we were watering the grass.  The police informed them we can water the grass whenever we want to and that they are not to cross our property line for any reason.
            The so called “doctor” continues to protest and harass patients.  There is a group organizing a protest of his office on the grounds that he is a misogynist.  I wrote a letter to his office concerning his anti-woman activities and a link to his patient reviews.   I hope that someone in his office is somewhat logical and advises him to cease his activities. I do not know see how other doctors can work with him knowing that not only does he harass patients but his wife has launched an assault on the doctors at the clinic.  She posted personal information about them online which could possibly get them killed.  Anti-choicers are often violent.  They have killed in the past and I have no doubts will do so again.  The only motivation she could have for her actions is to endanger the lives of the doctors.  It is also in clear violation of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act. 
            I hope one day these people realize how dangerous they are.  If they succeed in their efforts to prevent doctors from performing abortions women will die from at home abortions.  Women cannot be forced to breed.  Women deserve to choose for themselves whether they wish to be a mother or not.  People have abortions for many reasons and they do not owe anyone an explanation for their decision to or not to give birth to a human being.  It is a personal choice and if there is not a safe and legal method to choose to abort a fetus, women will use non-safe methods to abort. 
            I truly believe the rights and lives of women are more important than cells.   


  1. I am very proud of you and the great work you do for these women who need a friend, and these clinics who need support.

  2. Thank you. It's always nice to know we have support.