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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Roe v. Wade and the following weeks

More Clinic Drama
            1/14/ 2012 So Roe v. Wade weekend was actually fairly uneventful. Yes, I know they had the pro-life rally on the wrong weekend, but that’s how they roll.   It was a bit comical but overall a slow day for protesting the clinic.  In fact we got a bit bored and went to the pro-life rally.  I have to say it was one of the smarter decisions we made.
            The pro-lifers handed out their game plan to outlaw abortion making how to proceed on our end far easier.  They accused us of using intimidation tactics…  Really there are 3 of us and about 200 of them.  Who do you really think is more intimidating?  No lie speaking only for myself I was a bit terrified, but with all the police around I figured they probably wouldn’t do anything while we were there.
            We left when they began to pass the donation plate around, they called it a love offering but seeing as how I didn’t see anything I loved there I kept my wallet closed.   They were preparing for the grand pro-life parade which was rather pathetic this year.  From what I understand there were very few people there compared to years in the past.  We put the clinic door which was badly damaged when the clinic was bombed our front.  They hate looking at it, but guess what if you kill people you should have to look at it every day.
            They contend the bomber wasn’t Christian and don’t realize how arrogant it is of them to assume another person’s relationship with god.  Really?  Give me a break.   He only followed through with their wishes and now they have abandoned him.  That’s how they are though.  They use people and then they are done with them when the usefulness is over. 
            1/21/ 2012 The weekend after Roe v. Wade weekend was crazy.  It’s my understanding they believe the doctor they have been harassing has stopped preforming abortions, but they don’t know what I know.  They are enjoying a false victory, but my guess is not for very long.  Bullying is very ineffective in persuading people as a general rule.  Why they don’t understand that pushing people around and threatening them is not going to make people sympathetic to your cause is something I can’t understand.
            There are also a doctor and a lawyer who keep protesting.  One day I will protest their practices, but with my schedule as it is now I don’t have the time.  The doc seems to be doing a great job all on his own of doing his business in though.  His reviews on all the websites are horrific.  I couldn’t have made up what an awful doctor he is if I tried. I take some consolation in knowing that there isn’t a good doctor protesting, that really would suck. 
            Last week was rather dramatic at the clinic.  The pro-lifers were particularly cruel.  They kept telling out patients that two women died the week before which was completely false.  If people had died the week before then the health department would have shut the clinic down.   They are really ridiculous.  They aren’t big on fact checking, that’s for sure.  I blew my lid a few times, but hey, what’s the point in escorting if you don’t get to tell them exactly what you think from time to time?
           2/4/2012 This week was uneventful.  I ignored the protesters for the most part and listened to music.  They really hate it when I keep my cool, for the sake of our patients I did.  Of course they yelled their typical crap, but there were fewer of them and the patients today were pretty bold.  It’s always nice when the patients aren’t ashamed. I’m hoping next week is like this week was. 

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