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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The weekend prior to Roe v. Wade

            Today was a relatively late day at the clinic thankfully.  I hate the 5:00am days.  The usual suspects were already at the when we arrived at roughly 8:20am.  David Lackey was there, of course with his photoshopped picture of a dead fetus.  It’s always nice to begin the morning with a little touch of graphic gory blood intended to make women feel like the scum of the earth.  He was joined by Fat Phil, Comb Over Bill, Gay Fred, and purse man.  I don’t remember purse man’s name. 
            As usual that group was the loudest early on.  They kept screaming “how can you kill your baby momma” and “what kind of man sends his child in to be killed” same phrases every week.  I’m rather numb to it, but the women walking into the clinic are not.  Some of them are horrified some are scared and some walk in with their head held high. 
            The Catholics were there today.  Janice with her syrupy sweet “we can help you” and those gaudy homemade rosaries she pushes on patients and whoever else she sees with a gimpy leg.  She seeks out those who are nervous and scared, and then she hands out whatever form of fake friendship she can offer on behalf of her god.  Her god, who never says a word, while she never seems to shut up, is just an excuse to be seen by her fellow self-righteous as the godliest among the catholic group. 
            Cate my fellow escort is somewhat friends with one of the Catholics.  I don’t understand the relationship, but it seems to work for the benefit of the patients so I’m okay with it, as bizarre as it is. The rest of the Catholics all seem to lack a uterus, but do not lack an opinion on what women they’ve never met should do with theirs. 
The men always ask me why I’m so angry and they never do connect the dots that it’s their bigotry.  Bullies are top on my list of people who deserve no consideration or respect.  No matter how much of my breath I waste trying to explain it, they can’t grasp it.  Most of the men who are there with women are loud while their female companions are quiet.  Maryanne and Janice are always unescorted I guess that’s why they speak.  They don’t have a man to stop them.
Now, don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike all men, in fact I’m quite fond of the male escort at the clinic.  He is exceptionally good looking and intelligent.  He is generally quiet and rarely actually escorts women from their car he does take a lot of heat from the protesters so Cate and I are able to get women in the clinic without much harassment.
Because he is so quiet, he gathers a great deal of info.  They think he can’t hear because he rarely speaks, which is how we found out next weekend is supposed to be large protest weekend.  The local Bound4Life group is having a huge event.  Apparently they have been harassing Planned Parenthood for 40 days or something and now that’s over so they are using their time to annoy us and harass our patients.


  1. I like how you described Janice's voice as syrupy sweet. While she's out there making patients feel bad, she does generally come off as a nice little old lady, and it disgusts me.

  2. The worst is when she brings those damn teddy bears. "This can be for your baby, every baby needs a teddy bear" It's like nails on a chalkboard.