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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I love Duct Tape

And again people have driven over 1000 miles to protest our clinic.
            This week at the clinic we had some of the regulars, sadly they were the “why can’t you love your baby Momma” regulars.  All those old men just make me sick.  You will never be in the situation these women are in and you obviously have some type of internal meanness you need a socially acceptable outlet for.  Not to mention one is a known child molester and provided aide to a clinic bomber…  Pro-Life Really?  If pro-life includes planning to kill people and molesting children then I must have missed the entire meaning of the two words used together. 
            A couple hours into it a group of protesters that I didn’t recognize arrived. I have to say if I have to pick they don’t bother me as much as the other groups.  They were from the bound4life group.  They wear this red duct tape over their mouths that have life written on it.  I personally am a huge fan of the tape.  I would buy it for all the protesters they were quite.  Sometimes they would take it off to talk and I would comment loudly about their lack of dedication.  That got to them and they quit doing it.  It was awesome.  They were silent my patients weren’t harassed.  I’ve got to get some more of that tape for the other protesters.
            The thing about it that gets me is they spent the majority of their time taking pictures of themselves.  They posed in about 100 different positions and took pictures with every one of their cell phones.  When they got in their care to leave I realized they were also from about 1500 miles from here.  They only stayed about an hour took 100 pictures and left.  Why so that they can post on their Facebook how moral they are?  It looked like some cut rate photo-shoot instead of a protest.
            The positive thing about different groups of protesters is that the really mean protesters HATE the competition and generally pack their toys (nasty photoshopped signs and yelling)  and go home.  A new group shows up stands on our side of the side walk (some protesters are named in a federal court order and can’t be on our side of the street) and the regulars leave.  It’s bad because the new protesters are closer to our patients and typically make entering the parking lot more traumatic, but they are also less cruel which makes getting to the door less traumatic.
             It’s a tradeoff.  Too bad neither option is “good” for our patients.

           On a side note the anti-choice legislation attempts seems to have given the pro-life protesters more fuel for their already cruel and hot burning anti-choice actions.  There are more of them and some of them are meaner.  The groups of regulars seem to have more steady attendance and they seem to think they are winning.  They think they are about to push for the repeal of Roe v. Wade.  I have news for them, the women of this country are banding together from everywhere and saying HELL NO!!  The men that love them are giving them 100% support and the LBGT community is being super supportive of the efforts to prevent this from happening.   If the legislation fails every time you’re not winning.  The legislation is typically failing in many cases before it hits the state congresses floor. =)   YAY for Choice.

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