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Monday, March 19, 2012

Ignorance is Bliss?

During the ride home from visiting my parents who live a good distance away, my partner and I stopped at a Wal*Mart in a small town to let me stretch my legs.  Going into this Wal*Mart, I knew the area and the type of people I would most likely encounter :  uneducated, hateful bigots.  Not trying to place judgement, it's just the way it seems to be most places around my home.  Either, way the stop was intended to be just window shopping; however, it turned into more when we discovered the contraceptive isle was better stocked with variety than the one in our home a few towns over.  We decided to make a purchase.  When the cashier rang us up, I just knew she was going to give us a look; they always do around here.  Instead she tried to make a joke about how a screaming infant was the best contraceptive.  This actually led us to having a conversation about women's health.  I informed her about a couple of bills in our area that were trying to passed that would infringe on our rights to quality healthcare.  Another cashier standing within earshot let us know that she had not heard of these things and thought they were awful.  I asked them both to do some research and write to our congressmen.  They said they would and thanked me for sharing.

This kind of thing was definitely not unexpected.  It reminded me that I can make a difference just by sharing knowledge and inspired me to work harder to spread information.


  1. It is amazing when you find out you have allies. It really is encouraging. It makes you wonder why the information isn't on the news. Sometimes it seems like they really do try to hide what they do to women. They know it's wrong.

    1. and really, when you're trying to make a living, put food on the table, clothe the little ones, struggling with day to day issues, who has time (like us) to read/listen/comment on the news of the day? At least they listened to you...it might make a difference.

  2. Men will never know what it’s like to have menstrual cycles, endless vaginal and uterus examinations, or become pregnant. So it is disconcerting why so many men in the Alabama State House are obsessed about what women physically have to go through for all of these things, but especially what happens when women want to control their own reproductive destinies. Are men jealous of women?

    The Legislature is in the middle of trying to introduce no less than 12 different bills concerning women’s reproductive rights, none of which involve the introduction of mechanical objects into male reproductive orifices, mandatory readings or verbal interpretations of photographic male medical procedures, or refusal to provide legally available male medical services, including approved pharmaceuticals used by men.

    As if the current laws on reproductive health are not enough, these bills are championed by 29 white Republican males, with 4 Republican white women scattered throughout (3 of which appear to be past childbearing years), and one token black democrat woman (shame on her, at whatever age). These 34 elected officials need to take this obsession just one step further, for the benefit of all Alabama males not just the Republican ones in the State House.

    To alleviate this jealousy, Democrats must waste valuable congressional session time with one more bill, such bill shall require all males capable of participating in a reproduction of human life (approximately ages 15 to 19 with parental consent, and 20 to 95) to undergo a government-required, but not government or private insurance paid, manual and machine examination of the male reproductive systems and related orifices, at least annually, but in all cases, every time the male is involved in activities involving potential procreation.

    During each and every examination, physicians shall be required to read or provide other verbal communication and visual evidence to the male patient on the entire procedure(s), step by step, including computer screen imaging in real time or other visually graphic methods. Further, should said male patient be unwilling to undergo such procedure, said patient shall be forever excluded from any insurance or state provided medical services, including legally available pharmaceuticals (i.e., ED or STD assistance), to alleviate conditions resulting from such refusal and said patient shall also be excluded from receiving any type of government monetary assistance for any resulting offspring.

    Additionally, any physician who may refuse at any time to abide by the law, by reasons of conscience, shall post daily, in a prominent place of their individual or collective place of practice, a notice of sufficient size that will catch the attention of a 15 year old and a 95 year old male explaining the conscientious objection and reasons therefore. Conscientious objections shall be limited to only Christian religious, not medical, reasons.

    Responsibility for one’s reproductive health is a two way street. Males cannot have a jealous obsession without consequences. We will work proactively and financially to elect any male or female, Democrat or Republican, of any age, who will balance legislative initiatives for reproductive health for both sexes.

    Or we could just leave well enough alone (Roe v. Wade, been there done that), and get back to the real issues in this state, like poverty, jobs, infrastructure, county bankruptcies, reducing taxes, and open government. Understand that LESS government means just that. If getting your junk felt up by the government at the airport doesn’t offend males, then having a 35mm telephoto lens inserted by the government into your male reproductive organ shouldn’t offend you either. After all, it’s government’s duty to protect you from yourself, for Jesus and the common good.