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Friday, March 23, 2012


or just a sack of lies?  Oh, wait, they are the same thing.

My friend posted a link on facebook today that was "stories of abortion."  It was an archive of stories about abortions.  Supposedly they were all authored by women who had had abortions.  They all began with how long ago these women had allegedly had their abortions.  Some had had their abortions a few days ago, while others it had been years, and everywhere in between.  The women were all of differing ages, most of which were teenagers.  Every single one ended with how miserable they were and how they regretted the decision.  How they wished they could do it over and be a struggling teen mom even though they were ill-equipped to try and raise a kid.  How they would gladly drop out of high school and work low wage jobs to support a baby.  How they didn't believe they could lead normal lives.  Most claimed they were forced to have the abortion in one way or another.  Their boyfriend "made" them.  Their parents "made" them.  None of them had made the decision out of their own free will, and they were pushing for abortion to be made illegal.

Yeah, I agree that no woman truly wants an abortion.  Yeah, it's a very emotional process.  However, these stories did not give an account for the women that need an abortion.  For the women who want it.  For the women who make the decision knowing it's what's best.  For women who have had one and gone on to lead very normal and successful lives.  The twelve year old girls whose bodies most likely couldn't handle a pregnancy.  The victims of rape.  The women who were molested by their brothers, fathers, grandfathers, cousins, uncles.  The women whose fetuses had Sirenomelia, alternatively known as Mermaid Syndrome.  The women who accidentally got pregnant too soon after their previous pregnancy.  The women who just don't want to be mothers.  The women who would literally die if they tried to continue the pregnancy.

To quote Alexandra: "
I hope one day these people realize how dangerous they are.  If they succeed in their efforts to prevent doctors from performing abortions women will die from at home abortions.  Women cannot be forced to breed.  Women deserve to choose for themselves whether they wish to be a mother or not.  People have abortions for many reasons and they do not owe anyone an explanation for their decision to or not to give birth to a human being.  It is a personal choice and if there is not a safe and legal method to choose to abort a fetus, women will use non-safe methods to abort. 
            I truly believe the rights and lives of women are more important than cells."

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  1. Wow. This is like that one woman who stands outside the clinic with a sign that says "I regret my abortion". It is emotional manipulation where people who may or may not have had an abortion shame other women because they are now unhappy with what they did. The truth is I know of at least four women who have shared that not only did they have an abortion, but that they do not regret it. Sounds like no one on the site asked for their stories. That's how it works though. I know that at the clinic I escort at; during the counseling, the women are asked if they are forced to be there. If a women responds with yes they will not preform an abortion.