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Monday, March 19, 2012

Thousands of Miles

03/10/2012 & 03/ 17/2012
A harsher climate
The week of the 10th was a truly saddening display of ignorance and cruelty.  The abortion protesters were from the other side of the country.  Like there aren’t clinics closer to them to protest?  The women of this state are particularly evil and unable to choose to or not to become parents.  The women here are worse somehow than other women?  They drove thousands of miles to shame the women here.
They were part of the abortion holocaust group which compares abortions to the holocaust.  I’ve watched videos including the 180 video that makes this ridiculous argument.  They use guilt and double speak to make people feel that any abortion is murder committed in the same manner as a concentration camp.  They have signs with images of “aborted fetuses” displaying the number of weeks the fetus was.  My biggest problem with the signs other than them being gross is that they are inaccurate.  At 8 weeks the fingers and eyes are not developed…  Who is labeling and photo shopping for them must have never so much as looked at one textbook displaying fetal development or an ultrasound.
These protesters were scarier in many ways.  They were all around younger than our typical protesters and the percentage of girls was higher.  These girls are walking into a cage padlocking themselves in and throwing the key to a congressman.  The history books have neglected to teach about how many women suffered from at home abortions as well as illegal abortions.  They neglected to teach how religion has over the years been used as a tool to ensure that women are not in positions of power and to blame the working mother for all that ails society.
These women have not suffered the same humiliations their grandmothers did.  They have lived in an imperfect but far better world than their female ancestors.  They have not been told that they are not worth wasting a college education on.  They have not been threatened with being locked away in a psychiatric facility for wearing clothing that looked like a man’s.  They have not been treated as incapable of completing high school or told their lives were only worth as much as who they married.  They believe that they are fighting for the lives of innocent babies.  This is what they are told by the men in their lives by their clergy.  They are not told of how some of these fetuses were conceived through forcible rape often committed by a family member.  They are not told how many of these fetuses have diseases which will make their lives short and have without quality.  Some women literally would die if they were to continue with a pregnancy.
More than once I’ve escorted a women who claimed I was pro-life, but now I understand.  They know when they are there in a position that they need abortion services they have no other option.   These women protesting more than likely know a women who has had an abortion.  They probably have a mother, sister, aunt or friend who can explain the importance of abortion services.  These women are generally silent.  They have been told they are to be ashamed or their decision regardless of the circumstances. If they continue to remain silent women who are in the position they were in at the time of their abortion will not have the service available.  This is dangerous and will result in the deaths of many beautiful vital sisters, mothers, aunts, daughters, granddaughters, wives, friends and many others.  It is time for women to tell women their experience.  It is time for women to know women’s history.
The weekend of the 17th would have been humorous were it not for the fact that women were traumatized.  For some reason there were about 4 or 5 Spanish speaking people protesting.  Most of them women, but there was one man there.   When a very young Hispanic woman tried to enter the clinic he actually body blocked the sidewalk to prevent her from entering.  I literally had to walk through him to get her through the door.  I later found out she was minor and terrified.  Later there was another Spanish speaking lady who had a similar experience, but by that time the man had left.  I don’t get the idea he was accustomed to being around women who could care less what he thought of her. 
Other than that it all went smoothly.  Most of the patients were able to get from their cars to the clinic door without incident.  The protesters called the police for some reason I’m still not sure about.  After she spoke with them she waved to us and that was the last of the police involvement for the day.  Many of our regular protesters have not been showing up.  They don’t like the competition from the new group.  Every time a new group shows up our regulars leave.  I’m okay with that our regulars are in general meaner than the new groups. 
The protesters who were still there around closing time left as soon as some of our friends arrived.  They always get unnerved when there are more escorts.  They don’t like to deal with clinic defenders.  As long as women are alone and scared they attack them, but as soon as they are supported the protesters back down.  They are your typical schoolyard bullies.

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  1. I re-read this one a few times. It's very touching. I feel like I am there every time I read it. I couldn't have written it better myself, and quite frankly, I don't know anyone that could. I love how it points out the fact that other than women getting the right to vote, history books pretty much skip over the struggles and oppressions women have fought against throughout history.