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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Frankly My Dears, I Don't Give a Damn. Read It

           It has come to my attention that there are several pro-life extremist reading my blog.  Apparently there have also been some people spending a good deal of time in their government offices reading my blog.  I could be wrong but it smells like wasting tax payer dollars to me.  I don’t get to read my favorite blogs while sucking up a pay check.  It also seems that these extremist may possibly have a connection to previously mentioned government officials.  I guess what I’m saying is I’m watching you watching me. 
            If you are looking to this site as an example of how extreme pro-choicers are then you’re wasting your time.  I’m not extreme I just think women should rate somewhere above doormats and cattle.  I think they should be able to walk to the door at a doctor’s office with their head held high.  I don’t think people harassing them should get away looking like some holier than thou saintly people.  I’m calling them out.  I am saying you are bullies.  You are making these women’s days worse.  You get your jollies off calling people murders.  You think you’re pro-life, yet you insist on making women and men miserable when they go to a doctor’s office.
            You tell people “you’re a daddy”, “you’ll buy rims for your car but you won’t buy diapers for your baby”, you say this without knowing if this man is the sperm donor or not.  You don’t know if he is a supportive friend or family member, but that doesn’t stop you from judging him as a person killing his baby.  You’ve told a black man to “get back in the kitchen where you belong” when he was there with his daughter who had been raped. You ask him why he hates birthdays.   You accuse him of being a dead beat.  How may I ask is this supporting life.  Make someone so miserable that they want to kill themselves? This, does not seem a very life supporting thing to do.  You smile as you say these things.  Saying them makes you happy.  You enjoy the anguish on people’s faces while you spew your vile, disgusting, words toward people who not only do you not know, but you don’t know why they are there.
            This clinic provides birth control, how do you know that is not why someone is there? Tell me how you determine someone’s medical condition from a sidewalk.  How do you justify saying your actions are loving?  How do you wake up and look in the mirror knowing how deeply you have hurt people.  You exalt yourself.  You pat yourself on the back and say good job.  You often go back to your church and speak of the lives you saved, and I have yet to see one person, not even one, change their mind on the day of their procedure.  You probably never tell your congregation how hatful you are. You probably never tell them how you photograph women walking in and how you photograph their car tags.  You probably don’t tell them how some women run from you and how others cry because of your hurtful words.
            You never talk of your actual methods do you?  You bully and call it counseling.  You write up how you love life, but you never describe the hate you spew toward the men and women walking into the clinic.  You have friends in the government who you have read my blog well let them.  They need to know your tactics.  They need to know your disregard for people.  They need to know how you operate your so called ministry.
            There are many Christians and other religious people who support choice.  You make them look bad.  You embarrass them.  You don’t just hurt people walking into the clinic many of whom are people of faith.  You hurt people who want to worship in love.  You hurt people who seek a loving higher power.  They don’t share your views and you say they are not real Christians.  Who are you to judge them?  Who are you to judge anyone?  Just a nobody trying to step on others to convinces himself/herself that you are somebody.  Really, it’s pathetic.
            To the government officials, read it every time I update it.  Read this, know what goes on.  Learn about the men and women on the sidewalks and the people they hurt.  Think about it and then ask yourself if you should be watching me or them. 

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