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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Uterus and a Hypothetical Cell on a Distant Unnamed Planet

On Emotional Manipulation
            The pro-life groups that protest the clinic, who call women:  killers, baby trashers, and other hideous terms up-set me.  In fact, they just piss me off.  It’s awful.  It’s uncalled for.  It’s ridiculous.  Those groups are composed of people who take pleasure in beating up on people in an overt manner.  As bad as it is, I can handle pretty well.  I can almost always attribute it to pure, uncut stupidity.  It’s the old men and crabby women mostly, and most patients after the initial shock of it are able to shake it off,because any reasonable person, even a lot of anti-choicers, can see those guys need to be in a mental institution.  No one in a civilized society would condone their actions, threats of violence and actual violence. 
            The yellers and photo-shopped-fetus-holders are low, almost as low as you can get, but there are some protesters who sink even below them.  They are the protesters who had out their Happy Mother’s Day balloons, and teddy bears, and offer to take them to another clinic where “they can help you”.  We love you, and we love your baby.  They hand them these totally inaccurate representations of fetuses.  These things look like a full term fetus:  hair on its head and the whole bit, but it’s the size of dime.  When a fetus is the size of a dime, it doesn’t have any distinguishable features.  The fetus of a  lizard and a fetus of a human look the same at that size.  Is that what they are handing out? Little squishy goo?  Nope, they hand out these little baby dolls.  Please, watch something on Nova or National Geographic special on fetal development.  Take a biology class.  Hell, google it.  Don’t ask your pastor or politician.  You want to know about it?  Go to an OBGYN.  Don’t stand on the street and proclaim yourself an expert to women you don’t know.  Don’t pass out little babies dolls that:  A. don’t make the women change their minds and B. make an already stressful day more stressful.
            These women protesters are all middle aged which means, they are not going to be having any more babies or getting pregnant.  Some of them have had daughters who have gotten pregnant out of wed lock.  How do we know this?  Because when their daughters get pregnant at an inopportune time or through a less than desirable situation, where do they go?  You think I’m making this up, but NO, they bring them to the clinic which they have been protesting to “kill their grandchild”.  They go to the back entrance, drive a different car and make sure their choir buddies don’t see them.   You think they quit protesting and making women feel bad?  They don’t.  They just get meaner.
            They feel guilt, or at least I hope they do, for how they live their lives.  They are hypocrites, and I believe their goal is to make all the women walking into the clinic to feel as slimy and as low down as they actually are.  They want to make sure that everyone else is as miserable as they are.  I have yet to see a patient change their mind from this sick, disgusting form of emotional manipulation.  Not one.  They have been doing this for years and after years with no success.  You would think they would switch methods, but they don’t.  They enjoy emotionally ripping the guts out of a women.   They like to see women break down.  They want this to be as devastating as possible.  They don’t care if the women have an abortion so long as they feel guilt about it.  Lots of guilt, they think all women should suffer.  The thing is, if they weren’t so caught up on this punishment martyr crap and tried to improve themselves, they may not find that they need to emotionally assault other women that they’ve never met. They get positively giddy when a woman comes out slightly woozy.  They go, "See what that butcher did to you?  We could have helped.  We would have provided diapers.  We can still help; call us."  They offer “post abortive counseling,”  where they help you cope with the "murder of your baby."  They sometimes have a person holding a sign in front of the clinic that says, “women do regret abortions” or “I regret my abortion."  Here’s the thing though, I’ve been escorting awhile, and never have I seen a patient that I escorted standing out there with the damn signs.  They have better things to do.   Every now and then there is this idiot man that has the nerve to hold it.  I don’t know who the hell he thinks he is, but he obviously has delusions of grandeur.  Poor guy thinks holding a sign that says, "women regret abortion" means anything coming from him. What a prick!  Of course all the women treat him as a leader.   He comes in and takes over directing everything with his chest puffed out.  He thinks he’s a real man.  Pathetic is all I ever think when I see him.
            So after clinic days, I think that the emotional manipulation and rearranging of facts is over with for a while, but no.  I come home and ready to pounce on me as soon as I open my laptop is a damn picture of a cell, with the caption “If a single living cell was found on a distant planet, scientist would exclaim we have found life elsewhere in the universe. So why is a living cell found in the womb of a women not considered life”.  Man fuck you.  1.  A cell is the basic unit of life, which would be how a scientist would view it. 2.  If you think all cells are life in the sense that they should not be killed, you’re in trouble.  Cells died because you typed that stupid shit.  If you shower, your cells, which according to the caption you wrote are “life”, are going down the drain.  You are killing your very own cells, not a single cell either, hundreds of thousands a day.  You brush your hair and cells come off your body, and what happens to them? They DIE.  Now they have found a way to make a hypothetical cell on an unnamed distant planet connect to my uterus and vagina.  WTF……….That’s one hell of a stretch, assholes, even for pro-life bullies.


  1. I created this graphic on a whim. I mistakenly thought by using the words “pregnant woman” everyone would understand that I was talking about a newly conceived human being. Since you also seem to miss out entirely on the point I will spell it out for you: scientists and others get so excited at the thought of finding life anywhere other than earth, but when it comes to abortion, they call it a lifeless clump of cells and support aborting the unborn baby(even though those “cells” clearly show as arms, legs, a torso, and head). So yea, I guess I am clueless on the ignorance out there. Next time I will use simpler words even a 5 year old could understand!


    1. You know, R. Bennett, I might be more willing to listen to you if I didn't know that you just copy and paste this same generic comment on every page that disagrees with you without actually reading the material.




  2. I'll spell this out for you. Mind your own business, quit bullying people and quit using misleading and emotionally manipulative material. Insulting me only proves the point that you're a bully. Please continue to prove my point.

  3. There is plenty of ignorance on the prolife side. They continue to argue that life begins in the womb. That is a serious fallacy. Life on earth began billions of years ago. Scientists are not interested in discovering life that we already know to exist. They are looking for life on other worlds. I understand why they get excited.

    Now, for your other point. No-one is arguing that the cells are alive, nor that they are not human. What is at stake here, is whether or not a woman has a choice to abort.

    The law is very clear that a fetus is not a citizen until it's born and received the proper paperwork.

    Until that changes, my advice is... If you don't like abortion, then don't get one. Leave the rest of us alone.