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Monday, April 16, 2012

No Glory to get, then Abortion is okay

When we arrived this week it appeared that this may be a rough week.  This particular priest has been in the newspapers this week blabbing about the clinic and being an all out attention whore.  When we arrive he is there with small entourage making me get a little sick to my stomach.  His holier than thou act really grates on my nerves.
One member of his congregation is a young girl who he orders around like she is some type of servant or lackey.  I’m not that fond of her but it still irks me that he treats her like his personal servant.  He is taking advantage of his leadership position and of her confidence in him.  It’s all so 1950.  He’s actually had her drive him around and I know he can drive because I’ve seen him drive.  He doesn’t even ask her to do things it’s “Go get my car” and “Take that picture” no request just barking orders at her…… 
He was at the clinic with a few of his followers, I would like to say followers of Christ but this guy really has some type of complex.  He takes credit for all that happens.  Some people give the glory to god or Jesus or something higher than them, but not this guy it’s all him.  He is a me, me, me, guy.  Every chance he gets if the media is out there he is going to be standing in front when they take a picture and he will get the interview.  He has all these youtube videos no one watches of him talking about all his accomplishments along with lies about the clinic.
When I saw him I was thinking it was going to be a headache as it always is when he is there.  When there is enough of an audience he tells me and the other escorts that god sent him to us and he loves us.  This only happens when there are a lot of people are there he is rude and condescending around us and his regular followers. 
It ended up not being a headache as soon as he realized that it was going to be a day with few protesters, which means a small audience he packed his toys and left. Just like that.  The bad thing about this is with him gone the super mean yelling people are more likely to be heard by patients.  It’s weird you would think all the protesters would be on the same side, but they aren’t.
There are all these little sects that belong to different religious organizations.  They don’t like each other.  Each one wants to be center stage as the group responsible for protesting.  One group actually will boo other groups.  I don’t get it.  It’s some weird competition that I don’t really understand.  I thought they all have the same goal, but that must not be the case.
It really makes you see that the clinic is just a place to target and that closing the clinic isn’t really the goal.  If it were then they would all work together.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with the splitting up it gives insight into why they are there. They want attention and to be seen as martyrs for their religion.
Very few will remain at the clinic if their buddies aren’t around. If no one is there to see then, then they go away.  That’s what this week was like a few were there and when none of their friends showed up most of em left including the priestish guy.  He wears a priest get up but I don’t think he is a priest because he is married.  I don’t know that much about Catholics but I don’t think that allow for their priest to marry.  I could be wrong though.  This area has a rather low Catholic population so I haven’t been exposed to a lot of Catholics. 
A few protesters hung around, but they are the ones that don’t really bother me.  They stand outside and don’t really harass the women going in or scream. I would rather they weren’t there, but if we’re going to have protesters then they are the ones I prefer.  They don’t seem to get a hard on from making people feel like shit like a lot of the other protesters do. 
So that was it a relatively mild week because no one was there to glorify the preistish guy. 

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