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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pot Head Priest and a Mariachi Band

            This past Saturday has to qualify as one of the most bizarre protest I have witnessed to date.  There were the typical yellers on one side of the street, the group with the arrogant priest, the group that wears,\ duct tape (I still love duct tape), and a mariachi band of protesters. 
            The mariachi band is a new group I’ve not seen.  They were speaking in Spanish so I’m not sure what they were saying, only that one woman was terribly off key, other than that I can say they had a good beat. I’m sure if I knew what they were saying I would have liked them less, but really they were really good about keeping all the other protesters away from the clinic entrance. 
            The group with the arrogant priest looked highly irritated the whole day, which is always nice for me.  He also informed us he had been a drug user and inhaled unlike President Clinton… I guess it is true that marijuana kills brain cells, because he is missing several. 
                        Despite all the Brue ha ha, it was an easy day.  I and the other escorts discussed a weekend plans and such, we didn’t have to do a lot of enforcement of FACE which is always nice.  The arrogant lady that thinks the world should bow to her wasn’t there.  I didn’t have to her Jae’s syrupy sweet “I’ll help you” because she couldn’t compete with the band.  The nun looking lady wasn’t there.  Really, the mariachi band did my job for me.
Now to the patients…  The mariachi band was so distracting and most of our patients don’t speak Spanish, really they were able to get to and from their vehicles without a lot of interference.  The music drowned out what the yellers said and no one had a clue what the red tape people were doing.  The arrogant group was pushed to the corner by the mariachi band…
The only patient who really seemed negatively affected by the protesters was one lady from Africa.  She thought they may stab her.  She seemed prepared to defend herself, but I told her that I would not allow them to assault her.  I can’t say they won’t assault people because, well someone has died at the clinic in a bombing and more recently one of the arrogant priest’s buddies threw a lady to the ground.  Of course this was after he damaged a great deal of property.
I am hoping the mariachi band comes back, words are less damaging if you don’t know what they mean. 



  1. I can't believe that prick just assaulted her and the cop across the street did nothing.

  2. I know, I'm telling you we're in a hostile environment.