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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Research and Creativity

I'm currently trying to dig up some information about a relative, my great-great aunt.  I want to tell her story, but it seems that no one knows it.  So, sad.  All I know for sure is that she was young when she died.  She was married and had a two year old daughter.  She was found in a gas station bathroom.  She had bled to death from an illegal abortion.  It seems that either my family doesn't know much about it other than that.  My relatives who do know seem reluctant to tell.  It's a touchy subject, but it's became very important to me.  I never met this lady.  Who would she have been if she lived?  What kind of story would she have if she'd've had access to a safe abortion?  Would she be someone the older relatives would remember fondly during the holidays. It's terrible that she doesn't have a happy story, but worse than that, she has no story at all.  My quest to keep abortion safe and legal has become more personal.  No one fought for her rights, and therefore, she got trapped into doing things the dangerous way.  Leaving a two year old little girl motherless and a husband widowed.  I don't mean to be repetitive, but I am so curious about this woman, and no one is willing to inform me.  She's been on my mind a lot lately.  I finally learned what she looked like yesterday.  Some relatives came up from another state and brought with them old pictures.  She was very attractive.  Now her face seems to haunt me.  She looked so young and full of life and energy, but she never got enjoy it.

In other news, I am working on posters for an upcoming Women's Rights Rally.  My hardest task so far has been trying to find an effective way to represent an unbent coat hanger.  I finally made it happen, but now I'm having trouble attaching it to the poster board.  I'm feeling kind of rushed because I haven't got as many signs done as I wanted to, and the rally is next weekend.  I'm having a hard time finding time, and no one seems to be that willing to help out... Sigh.  At least the signs I have been able to work on have turned out great.

Here's some samples of my work:


  1. So young, and so little about her. It's so tragic that access to an outpatient medical procedure would have saved her.............On a side note I love the signs.

    1. I just think it's scary how little I know about her. I mean, every year I go to Grandma's house around the holidays, and they tell these stories about other family members even Her daughter, but nothing about Her. I hear, "So-and-so was as mean as a snake." and "One time That-one did this." Stories of their childhood, but no one can even tell me about Her childhood, or even her husbands childhood. It's almost as if she didn't exist. I have two relatives that would tell me about Her if they knew anything, but they only know what they've already told me.

      Thanks. The signs have been a very slow moving work in progress. I'm glad to hear that they were worth the effort so to speak.

  2. Clear tape on the coathanger is fine...
    Jane-way, if you find WHERE she died (county, city) and WHEN, you can get to police records, death certificates, and possible SSN death info. If you find the funeral home where she was prepared, you can get other (relatives, addresses) info. ZJ

    1. I only had clear Scotch tape, and it wasn't working. I had to get real creative. Next time I'll go to the store and pick up some clear packaging tape or something.

      Thanks for the tip, Zena. I will definitely try to find out. I doubt I'll find it, but if I do, I'll post it on here.