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Monday, April 16, 2012

Terry Gensemer at the Clinic on Saturday


In a stunning revelation to Clinic escorts, Terry Gensemer, the rotund self-described leader of the CEC for Life, admitted in front of his followers that he approved of illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade because they were performed by a rogue doctor in a Birmingham hospital.  Gensemer named the doctor and the hospital in an apparent display of pride and vanity for his followers. 

Prolifers Are Bullies, or PAB, learned of this stunning admission at the Clinic on April 14.  Gensemer and his followers were attempting to degrade the current safety of this legal Clinic when he admitted that illegal abortions were better and therefore safer. 

He also went on to declare he never believed women used coat-hangers to induce abortions and denied they ever took place.  Apparently he is the first religious leader to deny publicly that women used this horrible measure and even died as a result. 

Gensemer has demanded, in an orchestrated media circus show, the immediate closure of the Clinic presumably so women can go back to illegal abortions without coat-hangers, although Gensemer divulged no alternatives. 

Earlier in the day, one Clinic escort reports that Gensemer became agitated and flustered when he expressed his love for everyone and then angrily called the escort a witch.  The escort tells PAB she was shocked and frightened by his sudden emotional mood swing.  The escort also wondered why, in 2012, a religious leader would still believe in witches as if this were the 17th century.

Gensemer later departed quickly from the scene, leaving his followers to flounder on their own.      

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