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Monday, April 9, 2012

That’s it, run into the sprinkler.

            Every week I assume that I’ve already seen the extent of how stupid the pro-life protesters can get, but it seems every week they prove me wrong.  I don’t know if it’s intentional or if they are so clouded by hate that even something as simple as standing in front of the sprinkler will get your pants wet doesn’t register with them.  I don’t know. 
            The sprinkler system is on a timer.  It runs at set time and for a set amount of time throughout the day.  As with the systems in the rest of the city they tend to mildly overshoot and hit the sidewalk.  There is a group of protesters who constantly call the police when the sprinklers come on, claiming that they are a “health hazard”.  I’m unsure of how watering the grass is a health hazard, but that’s their claim.  The police continually tell them we can water the grass and yet, they continue to waste the police officers time by calling almost every week. 
            What really baffles me is that they will stand well out of the range of the sprinklers for the entire time until they come on and the millisecond the sprinklers come on they will break their necks to stand there and get soaked.  It’s not like they are standing there when the sprinklers come on they aren’t anywhere near the sprinklers until they come one and then they stand there getting soaked.  They bring umbrellas and rain suits like they are preparing for a hurricane for these sprinklers.  It is such a spectacle to demonstrate how pro-life they are.
            I don’t know about anyone else, but the only statement standing in the sprinklers makes to me is I don’t have enough sense to not stand in front of the sprinkler.  They will talk about how cruel it is that our patients have to walk through them, which is bull shit.  Our patients park in the parking lot which doesn’t have sprinklers, because well it’s a parking lot.  We also point the sprinklers towards…the grass.  We don’t have the sprinklers pointed toward the front door, because it’s a door. 
            These people are so desperate to make us look like butchers and killers that they’ve managed to twist the fact that we try to maintain the property as an indication of our evilness.  They describe us as “baby-killers”, “bitter women”, “what happens to you after having an abortion”, “Satan’s helpers”, “the damned”, “fat”, “sluts”, “deathscorts”, “demon processed”, just to name a few, and then attempt to tell us how they care about us.
            I don’t know how they treat the other people they “care” about, but if how they treat us is any indication I’m okay with them not giving a damn about me. In fact every time I am overtaken by the idea that I can talk to them and actually listen to what they say in a respectful manner, I live to regret it.  They tell me God has sent them to minister to me and I say okay, minister to me.  I listen and I disagree and I try to minister to them in return.  They get so angry when their ministering doesn’t change my mind.  I can’t help it if what they are saying is stupid.  It only serves to reinforce that I am doing the right thing by helping women deflect their comments.
            One “priest” and his wife show up regularly and I’ve seen the “priest” attempt to prevent a 12 year old rape victim from returning to her car post having her procedure.  She was terrified of this man.  I talked to him about it I asked what the purpose in assaulting someone leaving the clinic is.  Why would you say you forgot your baby to a 12 year old rape victim after her mother wrote you a not requesting you cease your activities that it was making a distressing situation even more distressing?  This mother was panicked.  The police were there to collect evidence and this man is telling her she’s not a real mother.  Real mothers don’t kill their grandchildren. 
            He claims he is sharing God’s love with them.  Really?  This is love?  I must have missed something.  I always equated love with compassion and understanding.  I always thought that it was empathetic.  I can’t grasp how telling women they are dirty sluts is love.  I can’t grasp how standing in a sprinkler and calling me Satan’s helper as I comfort a woman your cohorts are calling a murderer is love.
            How can you stand in judgment of women who you don’t know?  How can you access her medical needs from a sidewalk?  How can you determine if her fetus is even still alive?  How do you know if she’s there for information?  How can you be so cruel with so little information about a person?  All you know is she is a women and she is walking into a health center.  With that information you can determine she is a slut and going to hell unless she heeds your advice. 
            How is she supposed to take you seriously while you’re breaking your neck to stand in the sprinkler? Come on get over yourself and your false suffering.  We can see through it and so can our patients.

1 comment:

  1. How discouraging it is to hear these wackos using our loving God's name to spread hate.

    Were Jesus standing right there outside that clinic, he'd take that 12 year old girl, hug her, and protect her from these crazies.