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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alabama, What the hell are you doing?

Oh My Blog; How You Have Been Neglected
            Now don’t be too upset with me for posting late, there has been a shitstorm in Alabama and I just had to be there or I would just not have believed it. 
            I would first like to tell everyone about April 28th.  As many of you are aware there was a nationwide movement to protest the recent anti-women legislation.  Of course I attended my state’s rally which was pretty amazing.  I have to say seeing that many people standing together to protect the rights of women was AWESOME.  This country has been trying to restrict the women’s right to choose in well all the states.  Women and the men who love us are pretty friggin tired of it too.  Let me tell you… With all the talk about jobs and the economy and war and such you would think they would leave women’s rights alone but NO.  They want to put women down.  I would think matters settled by the Supreme Court of the United States of America in 1973, would not be headlining in 2012.  I would think wrong.  Apparently stripping people of their rights seems to be a campaign strategy these days.  Well, April 28th, we said NO!!  We as a nation said we will respect our women.  We will allow women to decide their fate, safely.  We will not go back to allyways and coathangers, or knitting needles.  We will continue to respect women and we will continue to allow them to have their human rights.  You would think this would end the anti-women bills, but no they keep coming on down the pipe.
 I would go over all the bills that have been presented but I don’t think you want to read the 100s of pages.  Since this is the case I’ll just hit some of the highlights.  A so called personhood bill actually passed in Oklahoma.  I know I was livid too.  These bills which are passed by so called conservatives push women into the same status in the US as they have in China.  If you think about it forced pregnancy and forced abortion aren’t really different.  Well, don’t all of you go to Oklahoma to wielding index fingers yet because thankfully the Oklahoma Supreme Court is a bit more respectful of Oklahoma women.  The Supreme Couth in OK said What the hell where you thinking to the legislature and ruled the personhood amendment unconstitutional.  YAY!!!
With this being the case you would think that states in the last days of legislature being in session would spend their time on pressing issues, such as education, care for the mentally ill, fixing the overcrowded prison system.  You may assume they would look at OK and say you know even if we pass this it’s still illegal legislation.  Guess what, you would be wrong.  I know, I know, you think that there isn’t a state with ridiculous enough elected officials to do that.  Well, you just have to know Alabama.  They are a state with a history of being behind the times, and keeping women in their place.  They have one of the biggest gaps in the country between what men make and what women make.
Don’t get me wrong having spent a great deal of time in Alabama I can say I love a lot of it.  The lakes are an amazing place to spend the summer.  There are few counties that don’t have some gorges area to pitch a tent.  They have some mountains in Talladega that give you the feel you have entered some secrete place of the world.  The wildlife is amazing.  It’s a bit untamed and the people have a way of making you feel at home.  They still ask how your day is and many still care how your day is.  It’s nice, it can make you forget that as a woman, you’re in hostile territory. Or as a man who loves women, this isn’t the best place for them.  It’s really a gorges state.   Beaches and Mountains within a day’s drive from one another, both are equally inviting, and all with a glass of sweet tea who could ask for more of a state.  If you can overlook the restrictions on women, which I can’t it’s not a ½ bad place.
I have to say I wasn’t shocked when my sisters in Alabama called saying Holy Shit the fuckers lied to us.  Apparently Representative McClendon had said they were not holding anymore committee meetings this session, which would essentially kill the anti-woman legislation before the house, well the shithead schedules is with a little less than 48 hrs to spare the day after releasing a statement saying he wasn’t going to hear anymore health bills.  Hmmm me thinks, he needs to go back to kindergarten where you learn the difference between a lie and a truth. Sneaky bastard he is.  Well, I had to see this man in person.  I packed my bags and a riding buddy and to Montgomery Alabama we went.  When we arrived the committee meeting had started a little early so we missed the beginning.  Thanks Mr. McClendon, you were trying t pull another fast one on the women of the state. 
Well, then the hearing begins this McClendon character proceeds to show favoritism to the lady presenting the TRAP legislation (Targeted Regulation against Abortion Providers) .  This lady had an awful lot to say about a place she had never been.  She spoke of some of the state’s abortion clinic’s as if she had been inside them.  Let me tell you I have been inside some of Alabama’s clinics and this lady had not.  I have friends in MS who I have taken to some of the AL clinics.  It was a good thing those clinics were there for these friends… I fear to think what would have happened to my friends without them.  At both clinics the facilities were clean and the staff supportive.  The doctors were wonderful in both cases.  I am glad my friends were safe. 
There were far more people speaking against the TRAP legislation than in favor so this McClendon prick just decides the last 3 don’t need to be heard, and has the opposition figure out who of the 3 would speak.  Needless to say 2 anti-women bills went right one through the House committee.  No funding for abortion and make it more difficult to be an abortion provider.  Thanks guys, we women appreciate that.  Even though you tried to do this without us know with your sneaky scheduling practices, we saw you.  Alabama saw you.
Meanwhile the Senate Health committee began meeting on the SB 5 or as I refer to it, that personhood bull shit, before the house committee finished making being there for all the anti-woman legislation impossible. I actually ran down three flights of stairs to make the end of the senate meeting along with several other women and men who were there protesting the legislation.  The chairperson for the senate did allow all the people who wanted to speak on both sides of the issue speak.  11 opposed to personhood and 1 in support.  Well, after they spoke he accused the pro-choice speakers of using senseless rhetoric. He said the War on Women was imagined and he could prove it because he adopted.  I don’t know for sure but I’m guessing he adopted healthy white kids.  I don’t know what his plan is for special needs kids and minority children.
It is insulting he absolutely showed disrespect and disdain for the speakers opposed to personhood, which included a Baptist minister and a doctor.  Well, thankfully Senator Linda Coleman was on the committee and provided a voice of reason.  She was dressed to impress and spoke with words that could move mountains.  Senator Williams said personhood was what the people in the state want and Senator Coleman said, if this is true then LET THE PEOPLE VOTE.  It was agreed she and the senator sponsoring would make this happen. 
Later that night which I was not there to witness, Senator Coleman, still looking out for the women of Alabama, attempted to amend a bill during the full senate meeting. She and another senator had agreed to this it would have allowed for women in cases of rape and incest to receive financial assistance to obtain an abortion services.  The majority of the male legislature actually WALKED OUT while she was speaking.  I guess male colleagues are worth more than women colleagues.  That’s sick.  I hope the people of AL hear about this and vote those rude bastards out.  She deserves the support of all the people in the state not only because she has a record of looking out for the women of the state, but because Alabama needs to send a message to the legislators who walked out on her that, in Alabama you will respect all women.  It is not a boys club and while you may disagree with her you will not walk out on her. For a better account of this event         http://www.leftinalabama.com/diary/9644/alabama-legislators-show-their-contempt-for-women-even-their-own-colleagues-in-the-senate
            For information about the bills we as men and women who love women, check out this site.  Look at what is going on in your state http://www.thisslutvotes.com/antiwomen_legislation.html?page=1

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