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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dear State of Alabama, Dept of Health...

And anyone else who claims to be in charge of my VahJayJay...

The “religious” organizations represented by Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF), Operation Rescue, the Survivors, Operation Save America/Operation Rescue, and CEC for Life are anti-abortion extremists.  LLDF is now complicit in the operation of these organizations.  The only goal, contrary to their collective websites, is to intimidate, terrorize, and eliminate physicians and medical workers and to keep them from seeking employment or performing the job they already have at abortion clinics.  These organizations deliberately harass and assault patients and clinic staff making visiting or working at these clinics a dangerous, life threatening endeavor.  These organizations are populated with convicted felons and physically abusive thugs, hiding behind the coattails of religion. 

Abortion clinic staff and patients exhibit tremendous courage each and every day at these clinics, as do essential support businesses that are harassed by these same religious organizations to the point of scaring them away. 

What other licensed medical or business facility in this entire state has to put up with the barrage of terror these religious organizations constantly level on abortion clinics?  When was the last time you visited a dentist and had to run a gauntlet of religious insults and graphic pictures of rotting teeth?  

These organizations have deliberately set out to forcefully limit a constitutionally protected service by intimidation, innuendo, and outright fear and, in some cases, destruction of property and lives. These organizations assassinate the character and dignity, a very un-Christian attribute, of anyone who even thinks of supporting this constitutionally protected service.  Every citizen of this country has a constitutionally protected right of association, just as the members of any business community, political body, or religious organization does.  Should we group all religious organizations with the terrorists who kill abortion doctors and clinic staff just because they all believe in the same God? 

These organizations have deliberately limited the pool of potential owners, staff, and volunteers for these clinics by such actions.  How are clinics supposed to attract, and keep, qualified workers when just showing up to work could be a death sentence?  How many of your friends, business associates, and workers could withstand such terrorist pressure?    

Abortion is legal in this state.  It has a plethora of rules and regulations that absolutely have to be followed for everyone’s safety, including the patients.  Yet those rules and regulations do not contemplate the atmosphere of terror before anyone enters the facility. Narrowing the pool of potential suppliers of these services by the deliberate interference by these organizations is an affront to the dignity and intelligence of the patients, the dedicated medical providers and the citizens of this state.  There is a huge difference between the dedication of those who seek to keep legal abortion safe and those whose sole dedication is the absolute annihilation of an essential, legal service for religious dogma.

Please do not succumb to pressure from these fringe religious terrorists who have hijacked your religion for evil.  Please have the courage to stand up for the rights of the citizens of this state and the laws we all are sworn to uphold. 

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  1. Courage..........Doing something that is right, although you may suffer horrible consequences yourself.......