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Thursday, September 27, 2012

40 days for Life, or whatever they feel like.

            Yep it’s that time again, when all the people who want to make sure that they get credit for being “pro-life” come out to the clinics and protest.  They stand outside clinics every day for 40 days from the time the clinic opens until the time the clinic closes.  Well, this is what they claim.  It has been my experience that they rarely stay for more than a couple hours or show up on days other than Saturday.
            These guys generally have higher quality signs and dress a bit better than your typical protester.  The Crackpot doctor that protested in Birmingham, was part of this group along with his mentally unstable wife, Kim.  I’ve watched the youtube videos about why it’s 40 days and I still don’t get it.  It seems like a way to get out of being committed for the rest of year. 
            If you are interested in volunteering at a clinic in your area check the 40 days for life website see which clinics are being targeted. Give the clinic a call and see if they are accepting volunteers and if they are, pick a day to go out there.  Now is a great time to support your local clinics and Planned Parenthoods.
The current 40 days for life campaign began on September 26th and is scheduled to end on November 4th 

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