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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guilt Sells Part Dos

(Songs taken randomly from my list)

1.) "Giving You Back" - Robyn

You've never heard this song?  I might know why.  This song was released on the Swedish singer's autobiographical album entitled My Truth.  Despite Robyn's past success with U.S. listeners, Robyn’s U.S. label didn’t feel that America would respond to My Truth as it was, and suggested that she re-record parts of the album, but she refused; thus, the album was not released in the U.S.  The album became available to Europe in 1999, and received great popularity with the hit single "Electric."  The song, "Giving You Back" gives an account of her (at the time) secret abortion.  While the music is not really up my alley or something I would listen to everyday, I have to give it credit for being a very moving song.  The song is written from her point of view to her fetus.  It's clear that the pregnancy was not planned and she sings, "In another time, another life, in another situation, I would have made you mine."  Obviously she just was not at a point in her life where she felt ready for a child.  So, she has an abortion, and instead of taking as the death of a child (the way pro-lifers do), her chorus says, "I'm giving you back to the ocean.  I'm giving you back to the stars.  I'm giving you back to where you came from."  The third verse explains how far along she was (approximately two months) and how hard the decision was for her to make, and then she goes on to suggest that when she is ready to be a parent, she will have her baby:  "Every second I long for the day when you come back.  Come back to stay when the time is right, when there's no wrong.  I'll be there for you."  This way of thinking is so unique.  I had never heard nor thought to look at it this way before, and it's a great way to look at it if it helps you cope.  A woman is not 'killing' a fetus, but simply giving it back (to Heaven? Nature? Or where ever one might believe in) until she are better able to provide for a child.  Or maybe she is giving it back so it can go to someone else?  Either, I am okay with it.  The album contains a couple of other songs about abortion that are to be reviewed at a later date.

My over all rating: 8.5 (out of 10)

If you've never heard the song, I would recommend looking it up on Youtube and giving it a listen.

2.) "Baby Killer" - Rackets & Drapes

As you may be able to tell from the title, this song is from a pro-life group.  The genre is industrial and the band claims to be Christian.  To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about this band or song, and with as much hate and negativity I would have to wade through to get the information, I have no desire to.  So, I will give you the little bit I do know.  Some people place the band in the same category of music with Cradle of Filth, which is disheartening, seeing as I like Cradle of Filth.  Tim "Kandy Kane" Haase, the frontman and lead singer, said in an interview that this song was dedicated to Bill Clinton because he "lifted" the law that prevented federal funding for abortion clinics.  The song "Baby Killer" was released on the album Candyland in 1998.  The song begins with a baby crying for 55 seconds and continues with creepy music and lyrics.  The song suggests that abortion doctors are "playing God with innocent lives."  It continues by calling abortion legalized murder in the first degree and genocide. The phrase "baby killer" is chanted a few times and the song ends with another baby crying in what is supposed to be 'agony.' I bet Ray Comfort dances to this song every Saturday, right along with those women-hating protestors that scream from the sidewalk as people enter the clinic.  The bulk of the song is the chanting of "baby killer" and a baby crying.  I don't know where the baby cry they chose for this song came from, but it is just awful.  I personally don't think it is a baby.  I have heard plenty of babies cry, and they do not sound like that!  The song is just awful no matter how you look at it.  Simple, hate-filled lyrics, crappy sound effects, and it is has no listening value. 

My rating: 0 (or maybe - ∞)

I would NOT recommend this song to ANYONE EVER.

3&4.) "Due in June" & "June" - ¡Mayday!
These songs...  Wow, oh wow, just wow.  These songs can be played back to back or separately.  Either way, they are on the eerie side.  They were released on the album Take Me to Your Leader of this year ((2012)).  The lyrics are from a fetus's perspective, which always is and always will be in my opinion, a dumb form of emotional manipulation.  In "Due in June" the fetus talks about what the crappy life it will have if it's mother and father raise it.  It actually begs to not be born, "Don't make me live!"  (A pro-choice fetus?  Who knew!)  Then in "June", the fetus turns right back around and changes its mind.  I feel ignorant just typing this, talking fetus and what not...  UGH!  The fetus claims that it didn't think the mother would listen to it, and it didn't know what it was 'talking' about before.  It now begs to live by saying to its mother, "I want to smile like you, cry like you, die like you will, but not before I'm born.  Please, let me live!"  The abusive life that the fetus feared in "Due in June"?  It's cool with it now and says, "I know this life will be no bed of roses.  That's fine; I'll dig through that dirt anyway."  Seriously?  Are there even any words for this?  Ridiculous, that's about it.  The sad thing?  I kinda like the actual music.  If only, if only, it had some lyrics worth a damn.  What a waste of talent!

My rating: 1 (because while it is stupid, it's better than "Baby Killer", at least the instrumental part is decent)

I wouldn't recommend this song to anyone.

5.) "Isobel" by Dido
You know, who doesn't like Dido?  I mean, with songs like "White Flag" and "Thank You", what's not to love?  Speaking of "Thank You", it was when Eminem sampled this song for his song, "Stan", that she let it be known just what the song "Isobel" was about.  When asked how she felt about "Stan", she responded, "I certainly write songs about things that haven't happened to me, and they are just not quite as shocking.  Like 'Isobel' is about abortion.  I'm not saying whether I think it's right or not."  Despite her claims that the song is fully fabricated, I'm not convinced.  They lyrics are so touching; it just think that there is more to it.  Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong has such a beautiful voice and the music is just phenomenal, even kind of haunting.  I've come across very few Dido songs that I don't like, so it's no surprise that I like "Isobel" from the album No Angel released in 1999.  It is a classic combination of Dido's tempting voice and a luring melody.  The song is about a friend (Isobel) who ran away after having an abortion.  The first verse explains the nature of her friend's disappearance and hinting that Dido knew where Isobel is now, "I thought it was funny when you missed the train.  When I rang you at home they said you left yesterday."  Then she goes on to write Isobel a letter in her new home to let her know that she supports her, "Dear Isobel,  I hope you're well, and what you've done is right.  Oh, it's been such hell.  I wish you well and hope you're safe tonight."  She lets the audience know that Isobel's disappearance was thoroughly planned out by singing, "It's been a long day coming, and long will it last."  When talking of the fetus, she sings, "And who he would become, all the things he'd have done?  Would he have loved you, and not let you down, and would he be stronger than his father?", suggesting that Isobel had been in an abusive relationship.  Dido continues to show nothing but support for her friend by singing, "Don't punish yourself.  Leave it well alone."  She finishes the song with, "It's been a long day coming, and long will it last when it's last day leaving, and I'm helping it pass by loving you more."

My rating: 10

I strongly recommend taking the time to listen to this song.

I hope you have enjoyed my review.  I am looking forward to some feedback.  How do you feel about my selections?  I hope to maintain this format in the future.  Open with a decent song, then three not so great songs, and end with a ten.  What will I do when if I run out of good songs before I run out of poor songs?  I'm not sure.  Suggestions?


P.S. How do you like this new signature?  It's how I will be signing the glass I paint.  :)


  1. I don't listen to music all that often, but I find your reviews insightful and humorous. Love the rating scale, too.

    1. Thanks! I definitely like positive feedback. I am glad that you found my reviews useful. Look forward to the next set soon. :) I also do requests. (haha)