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Monday, September 10, 2012

My thoughts on: Why Pro-Life? by Randy Alcorn (lifer gave me the book)

.. Maybe you shouldn’t just believe something in a book just because you like what it says.  Maybe, if you’re reading something to find out about any issue, you should read about the issue from more than one point of view. 
Now, you may be thinking that I’m just bitching about the idiot pro-lifers, and I am bitching about them, but myself as well.  I get the majority of my information concerning the morality of abortion from NARAL and NOW and other feminist type organizations.  So on Saturday when one of the protesters sent a book to me through another one of the protesters, I decided, 'well, okay, I guess I’ll read it.'  The title of the book, Why Pro-Life?, told me all I needed to know about it. I debated if I was actually going to read it, especially when I realized it was written by Randy Acorn. This person is a man, so really I feel like he doesn’t have a dog in this fight.
Well, I was bored, so I began to read it in-between patients, and I’ll be damned; I changed my position right then and there………..Yeah, I know you don’t believe me, and that is because it didn’t happen.  I did read it, and Mr. Acorn was quick to point out that the book was not based on being pro-life due to religious beliefs.  In my humble opinion, that was just flat out not true.  I don't think that he intended to lie; in fact, I think he does believe that he wasn’t using religious arguments.  The truth is he was.  He spoke of God’s forgiveness of sin in the next sentence, clearly using sin as a reason not to abort.  People who aren’t religious or are not of the Christian faith don’t have an idea of sin in the sense he was writing about it.
The book included a large section on why it is important that pro-lifers continue to use those really gross images in order to make their point.  My biggest problem with this is that all the images they use, that I have been able to locate the origin of, have been altered a lot.  Not a little touch up, but major changes that vastly change what the image actually is.  Many of their so-called 'abortion' pictures are actually pictures of stillborn fetuses.  They will change the skin color to make it look more like a baby; in many of the original images, the skin is grey because the fetus was already dead.  This guy flat out promotes the use of the grossest images so people are “informed”. 
Well, I was curious about Mr. Acorn, so as Jain-Way would say, "I consulted Dr. Google."  I looked at his web-site in order to determine his qualifications to write medical books, and I didn’t find any medical qualifications.  He has a MA in Biblical Studies.  This qualifies him to write his opinion.  He also has a book dedicated to ending the use of contraceptives.  He claims in his book, Abortions, that many abortions occur due to the use of the birth control pill.  This a man who has no authority what-so-ever to dispense medical advice; however he does so constantly and with blatant disregard for the standard practices of gynecology and accepted medical procedures.   He advises against the pill, despite the fact that it is commonly used for reasons other than contraception. 
At the end of the day, this is as accurate as the photo-shopped images of 'abortions' and the inaccurate fliers claiming an 8 week fetus looks like a child 3 weeks after birth, hair and all.  This book can be filed with all the other emotionally manipulative and downright false claims made by the pro-lifers.  To end this section on Mr. Alcorn I will say that I deem him a bully.
I’m still learning a bit about the clinic that is now my home clinic; so, I’m sure that there will be more interesting things to write about coming up this week.     

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