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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Please, Give Albama women their rights back.

The St of Alabama Dept of Public Health recently gave into the bullying by the anti-choicers.  They denied a very qualified applicant’s application to obtain a license to operate the New Women All Women clinic in Birmingham Alabama. This applicant was denied based on the lease application between she and Dian Derzis.  She has recently submitted a new application for consideration by the ADPH.  She and Miss Derzis have re-written the lease and addressed the concerns voiced by the ADPH. Since the closing of this clinic many women have had a difficult time obtaining abortion services.  There is only one clinic operating in Birmingham now and all the other clinics in the surrounding area are 2 hours or more from Birmingham.    
Please call the following immediately.

Dr. Donald E. Williamson, State Health Officer
P: (334) 206-5200 F : (334)206-2008
Dr. Walter T. Geary, Medical Director, Bureau of Health Provider Standards
P: (334) 206-5366

Brian Hale, Legal Counsel
P: (334) 206-5209

Please be professional, courteous, and respectful at all times; you may be leaving a message with "just the messenger" or an answering machine, but PLEASE emphasize the following talking points:

My name is _________. I am calling to express my support for the Women’s  clinic located in Birmingham Alabama and the new applicant Kelly Rainwater. This clinic has provided excellent care for women in Alabama for two decades – it is essential that the clinic be allowed to reopen.  Ms. Rainwater the current applicant, has 20 plus years of medical experience and has been published in nursing journals. She is motivated by a deep desire to see that the women of Birmingham are not denied their constitutional rights as well as a love of women. 
I am deeply alarmed by the fact that the clinic has been closed for such a long period of time and that a qualified applicant was denied a license to operate the clinic.
I urge the department to recognize the extremists for who they are and that they have terrorized bullied women and staff at this facility in the past, and continue to do so despite the fact that the clinic has been closed

I, together with the women of the state of Alabama, urge the Department to keep New Woman All Women open without any interruption in services while continuing to safeguard the health and practices of all medical providers in Alabama.
Thank you for your time.

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