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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Little Something I like to do for FUN

It involves business cards from Vistaprint and conservative owned stores.

You see, Alexandra and I have business cards for the blog.  We used to leave them in random women's bathrooms.  It just seemed like a good idea, ya know.  Women's bathrooms are exclusively there for women, kind of like our volunteer work at the clinic.  We are there to help and support women.  We are not there for the anti-choice protesters.  We are not there for ourselves.  We are not there for the boyfriends, doctors, nurses, or other clinic workers; while we do stick up for them, they are not our primary concern.

In the beginning, just leaving them in bathrooms was satisfying.  Then I decided to place them in odd locations that the janitors might miss but would still be seen by women.  Talk about getting creative, but even that is limited and got old.

I wanted to do something bigger, something better.  This was when I heard about stores that wanted to have the right to deny female employees reproductive care coverage on their insurance.  Most of you probably remember Hobby Lobby demanding this right.  Currently, Alexandra and I avoid Hobby Lobby at all costs.  I mean, what kind of hypocrites would we be to give money to such a hateful place?  However, there is the occasion on which we get drug into the store kicking and screaming with some friends.  This is the point in which I pull out my business cards and hide them like Easter eggs all over the store.

Just imagine it:  An unsuspecting individual goes to the Hobby Lobby and picks out something innocent enough.  For example's sake, let's go with a piggy bank.  They pay for the piggy bank and leave.  Nothing unusual, but then they get home and start to investigate the piggy bank when they find a pink slip of card stock.  They think to themselves, "Prolifersarebullies.com?  Hmm..  What is this?"

And BOOM one more person knows about us.  We gain another supporter.  We piss off another anti-choicer.

Pretty clever, eh?


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