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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Food for Thought

These will be very short blogs where I share my brief thoughts and ideas that normally don't make the cut in longer blogs.  Sometimes it'll be statistics or news; other times it will be just things that have crossed my mind recently or tips from my escorting experiences that I normally share on the blogtalk radio show.  I might even share photos that make a lasting impression from time to time.  It's mainly just to have something to think about during my periods of writers block, in between long blogs, and when technology has failed me.

I encourage you to comment with your thoughts.  E-mail anything you'd like to see posted to jain@prolifersarebullies.com !  

Without further delay, Food for Thought:

Approximately one in five pregnancies naturally abort because there is something wrong with the egg or sperm, but sometimes the bad egg sticks and very abnormal birth occurs. A woman should have the right to abort this and try for a normal birth. It should not be a legislative decision.


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