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Monday, October 22, 2012

Why Do You Do What You Do?

This is a story from a fan.  This fan is a long time listener to our Blogtalkradio show and reader of our blog.  She even made a guest appearance on Escorting 109.  Despite technical difficulties, it was a great show and she was a great guest.  She gave us a little insight to what it is like to have policemen who do their jobs despite their personal beliefs, which restored the hope I have for humanity.  Her name is Melissa Davis, and this her story on why she volunteers at the clinic:

There are millions of reasons why I do what I do - this is one.
Recently while working as a volunteer at a clinic that performs abortions, I was told this patient's story.

A woman was pregnant with a very wanted child. Unfortunately the fetus passed away in-utero. This happens sometimes - I'm sure you all know that. However, after this happens it is necessary to remove the dead fetus, otherwise necrotic tissue will make the mother very very sick and possibly kill her.

This poor woman went to the only clinic near her that did these operations - because the others had been shut down. And while waiting in the lobby for the procedure to remove her very-much-wanted dead child from her uterus, this is what she heard from outside:

"Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday DEAD BABY, Happy Birthday to you."

You see, a group of home-schooled Catholic children and their parents had decided to set up camp on the sidewalk outside this clinic, brandishing signs that called this mother a murderer, and sing this song to the patients inside.

There is no compassion in this. There is no Christly love. There is only judgement and hate - and as long as I am alive and able, I will do whatever I can to protect women (and the men & women that love them) from ever hearing something like this again.
Women will have abortions and will NEED abortions whether they are safe and legal or not.

If abortions are outlawed, women will suffer and die.

That is not "Pro-Life."

I think this is a very inspiring story.  It is one that I can related to because similar things have happened at clinics I escort at.  Unfortunately, their are plenty of women who could relate to this story from the patient's perspective, but I think the story speaks for itself.
In closing, why do YOU do what YOU do?  I would love to hear your stories.  
E-mail them to me at jain@prolifersarebullies.com


  1. Unfortunately, Melissa, you were told a lie. If a woman is pregnant with a "much wanted child" that dies in utereo, she does not go to the local abortion clinic to have the "dead fetus" removed. Many natural miscarriages are completed at home without any medical intervention needed. If the miscarriage does not begin naturally or if it is incomplete the woman goes to local hospital where she receives care from her ob/gyn. Huntsville Women and Children's Hospital is a few blocks down the street from the abortion clinic and does these procedures every day as does Crestwood Hospital. It is very different from killing a living baby as they do at the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives. They DO NOT do prenatal care at the abortion center. They do "medical abortions from 5.0 to 8.0 weeks", "surgical abortions from 5.0 to 20.6 weeks" , pap smears, Depo- Provera, IUDs and pregnancy tests. They prevent or kill babies, not care for them or the mothers before birth. And isn't the "much wanted dead baby' story getting old? You all used that one last week too. This week you added the " happy birthday" song, which by the way you heard wrong. Not "dead baby" but "dear baby". Maybe if you all didn't scream and play music and blast horns so loud you might be able to hear better. And if you're really so pro-choice, why prevent women and girls from having information about all the help that is available to them? Are you all scared they may actually decide to have her baby?

    1. Firstly, many of the things that anti-choice protesters actually do and say outside of an abortion clinic are very depraved. So, it was more likely that they would have sung "dead baby" rather than "dear baby" because that's what anti-choicers generally do.

      I volunteered as a clinic escort for a while at my local planned parenthood. There is a cadre of people that would spend their mornings every morning at Planned Parenthood protesting outside the clinic, trying to stop cars, sometimes assaulting patients, screaming racist statements, leaving a disassembled baby doll in the middle of the road with red paint on it. On the weekends though, it really became more of the theatre of the macabre, with a guy that would walk along the entrance road to the clinic in a set of scrubs that says "Klan Parenthood" with a baby doll on a pike... you get the idea.

      Secondly, the "information" from the anti-choicers is not really information but propaganda and lies. It tries to convince women not to have an abortion, it tells them medically inaccurate lies about abortion and I know this because when I had my interview to start volunteering at the centre, I got this information.

  2. I knew you wouldn't post my comment - chicken.

  3. You're a presumptuous little witch, aren't you?

    So if I find myself in a situation without insurance and wanted pregnancy and it turns out that my fetus has died in utereo. For whatever reason, it doesn't miscarry and abort naturally. I weigh my options and know that I can get the exact same procedure a hospital would do at the Women's Clinic for half the price, what would a low income woman do? I'd be at the clinic, and according to you, that makes me a liar and immoral, right?

    An admin doesn't publish your petty, attention-seeking, I-want-to-feel-good-about-myself-without-giving-up-my-identity comment as quickly as you would like, and we are all chicken. Yeah, I am a chicken while you are anonymous? Pot. Kettle. Black.

    And maybe the "much wanted dead baby story" is old, but UNFORTUNATELY it happens a lot, more so than people like you are willing to admit. These are our real life experiences. So if we deal with patients with wanted pregnancies gone wrong two weeks in a row, guess what? We write about it two weeks in a row. Not to mention, if you knew what you were reading at all, you would realize that these were two totally different people with two different experiences at two different clinics. You know what that means? Within a two week period, two different women in two different locations had a wanted pregnancy that had to be terminated for two different reasons. Why did they end up at the clinic as opposed to the hospital? There are dozens of reasons this could happen, including the previously mentioned cost factor. Maybe the patient's regular doctor refused to do the procedure. I bet you wouldn't even believe how often that happens. Just because you live in an area where you can get proper medical care when you need it and don't have to worry about your doctor's personal beliefs doesn't mean you get to generalize that luxury to all people everywhere! Just because this particular patient was at the Huntsville clinic doesn't mean she was actually from Huntsville. There is no telling just how far away she lived.

    Also, the kids were singing DEAD baby. This has been verified by several people in and outside of the clinic. Were you there that particular day? Do you know? If so, maybe you and your emotionally manipulative group should consider a different approach that is less likely to be "misheard." And no matter what way you twist singing happy birthday to women who are getting abortions it is still cruel, uncalled for and EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION.

    MAYBE IF YOU DIDN'T SCREAM AT VULNERABLE WOMEN WHO MAY OR MAY NOT BE GETTING A PERFECTLY LEGAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE TO END AN UNWANTED PREGANCY, MAYBE NO ONE WOULD GO OUT THEIR COUNTER-CHANTING, PLAYING MUSIC AND HONKING HORNS TRYING TO DROWN OUT YOUR SHAMEFUL MESSAGES OF CALLING PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW MURDERS! You said it your self: the clinic does PAP SMEARS, DEPO-PROVERA, IUDS, and PREGNANCY TESTS along with abortions. You don't know what a patient is going in for. What, you got something against routine checkups and birth control? How you would you like to be accused of being a murderer every time you got a checkup, huh?

    Finally, WE DO NOT PREVENT WOMEN FROM HAVING INFORMATION. We are required by law to give them all the information and options not only face-to-face when they come in for their appointment and during their law required 48 hour counseling period, but OVER THE PHONE EVER SINGLE TIME AND APPOINTMENT is made! We have all the same info you do, and we give it out MORE OFTEN than you do.

  4. Not "dead baby" but "dear baby"

    You're incorrect. :) Perhaps you should contact the little twits and let them know your version of the song?

    Glad you're here - better spouting drivel here than harassing women elsewhere!

    Here's what I get from the time it took you to write that nonsense, "anonymous" - you're a sad, bitter old woman who cannot stand that there are women who a) won't let you control them, and b) can take care of themselves and feel no remorse about it!

    You sound so COMPASSIONATE and caring towards women, I can't imagine how they stay away from you, or why they seek out those like me who will escort them past the judgmental haters :) Except wait... I can.

    Keep commenting - I'm glad to play designated target with you so more women can get their medical services safely and without harassment.