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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Voting Experience

for my right to vote.

As you all know, there has been some pretty crazy rumors about having to have a photo ID to vote. Certain areas have required some pretty odd things from me in the past, but I just so happened to read something interesting before going to my polling place.

Thank you, Mark, for posting this:

Here are some interesting facts about Photo ID requirements in Alabama.
1. The Alabama Legislature passed an Act that requires a government issued photo ID to vote. That requirement does not go into effect until 2014. NO ONE is legally required to provide a PHOTO id for this election.
2. This piece of legislation requires "pre-clearance" by the US Justice
Department before it goes into effect because of the Voting Rights Act. Although this Bill was passed months ago, Luther Strange has not even sent it to the Justice Department for have it cleared. No one knows why he is holding it.
3. The State has to provide a state issued photo id to anyone that does not already have a government issued photo id. It is estimated that it will cost 26,000,000 to set up the system.
4. The Secretary of State, Beth Chapman, has not even set up the system so EVEN if you wanted a State Issued ID for voting you COULD NOT GET ONE
5. A State Issued Photo ID under this law, has to be free no matter if you can afford it or not because if you have to pay for it it is an unconstitutional poll tax.
6. There have been no convictions in Alabama of people who have attempted to vote using a false ID period.
7. If the system ever gets put into place, people needing a photo id can provide the exact same information that they now can show to vote such as a utility bill, bank statement, birth certificate,
8. This is a 26,000,000 dollar joke that the Republicans have sold to the public.

Upon entering my polling place, I was asked for a photo ID. I gave them my proof of registration slip and told them that I didn't have a photo ID (even though that's not true, it's none of their business). I asked if my social security card would suffice, and they said it didn't have my photo on it. I said, "Oh well, it's what I've got. May I have my ballot?" They finally gave me my ballot without seeing any additional ID other than my registration card.

My husband, who was in line behind me was also asked for photo ID. He was actually asked in a pretty rude way. The woman said, "I sure hope you have your ID!" He just handed over his driver's license. The woman complained that the addresses didn't match, and he informed her that we were new to the area. She rolled her eyes, and I started to tell her that it was none of her business when she decided to give him his ballot without hassling us further.

My husband and I both agreed that our polling place wasn't really equipped to be a polling place. There were only two places in which you could vote in private behind these little cloth dividers. There were not enough places to sit or write at and a shortage of pens. Everyone was so loud making it very hard to concentrate. The poll watcher was very nosy when people went to turn their ballots in. She wanted to know how everyone voted and even went as far as to peer at their ballot as they turned it in.

I guess that is what happens when you vote in a church.

Either way, by the end of the I had cast my vote for our president, Barack Hussein Obama II.


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