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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Going down to Jackson

            We’ve been working on getting a group to go to Jackson, and now we have it.  As I have mentioned on the show, Jackson does not have any escorts and Operation Save America has decided to have their meeting in Jackson instead of Washington DC.  They seem to think that Mississippi will be the first abortion Free State.  I have to say I think they will be sorely disappointed.

            I’m going give a little history on Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  JWHO is located in the downtown area of Jackson Mississippi.  This clinic is currently operating in violation of a state law that was passed requiring the doctors at the clinic to have admitting privileges at the local hospital. JWHO has made several attempts to comply with the law, but have not been able to due in large part to political pressure on the hospital.  Many anti-choice groups have petitioned the hospital in an effort to keep the doctors at the JWHO from gaining admitting privileges.  Their efforts have been effective.

            The doctors at the JWHO meet the requirements for admitting privileges at the local hospital but have continually been denied.  The JWHO has run many ads requesting a doctor with admitting privileges to work at the clinic and the request is front and center on their website.  Doctors have not been lining up to work their both because of the anti-choice groups which frequently protest and the legal situation the clinic is in because of the new law.

            A federal judge has ruled that the law cannot be implemented at least for now.  Apparently it is unconstitutional to pass a law and then make it impossible to abide by it.  Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi has made no bones about it.  He wants the clinic gone.  He has pledged on several occasions that he is pro-life and addressed the group pro-life Mississippi recently renewing this vow.

            There is little support locally for the JWHO although you can see that it is a much needed clinic both by the number of patients and the fact that there are no other abortion providers in the state.  On any given day at many of the clinics in Alabama there will be several Mississippi tags on patients’ cars indicating that Mississippi does not have enough abortion providers. 

            There are organizations emerging whish are standing in support of the JWHO. www.wakeupmississippi.org  is one such organization.  They are holding events January 18th through January 22nd the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  These events are a celebration of women receiving and continuing to have legal safe access to abortion care.  If you are able please join us in Jackson Mississippi.  There will be representatives of PAB and we would love to meet you.

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  1. So very proud of EVERY PERSON who steps up to support this clinic, or any clinic nationwide.