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Saturday, January 12, 2013

I Hope You Are Never Heard, You Pathetic Ass

Trigger Warning: Rape

Which One Deserves to Live?

            The above image is one of the most infuriating images I have ever laid my eyes on.  There are more things wrong with the image and the presentation of the image than I will be able to list, but I will attempt to explain how wrong this particular piece of internet grime is to the best of my ability.

            First of all the images do not list how far along the pregnancy is with either sonogram image.  This is only pertinent due to the fact that the vast majority of elective abortions are performed at 12 weeks and under.  The fact that these are the sonograms they chose to use indicate that they A. believe this is the development of the average aborted fetus or B. they intentionally chose sonograms in the third trimester to make people feel more like the fetus is a “baby”.   Choice B. which I think is the most likely case is despicable.  To tell a woman at 8 weeks of pregnancy that these images are representative of the development of her fetus is the worst type of lie.  It is an attempt to convince her she is about to “kill” her “baby” and some of these women look at those images and are convinced they are accurate.  They go through an abortion and they don’t look at the ultrasound convinced these images are what they will see.  They never know truth.  They carry more guilt thinking they “killed” someone that could have lived.  They have the idea that without the abortion the fetus could have lived outside the womb.  They think the fetus was viable the day of the procedure.  To convince a woman at 8 weeks that her fetus is viable is beyond cruel. The reality is at 8 weeks the fetus is the size of a pinpoint and has not sense that it exists or well of anything, because it is little more than a mole at that point.

            My second point is even if you are going to abort a fetus at the development in the image, which is still your choice and right.  The stage of development does not change the fact that the woman is the first and only concern.  The fetus is not a person.  We as a society have determined that a person is born, not gestating.  We don’t get social security numbers, birth certificates, pass ports, visas, or anything else until birth.  We have done this for many reasons such as; the very real possibility of spontaneous abortion, a fetus has no self-awareness, a fetus is dependent on another person’s body for literally everything.  Once born a fetus is separated from the woman and at that point there are two different people.  Prior to that there is only the woman. 

           If a woman chooses to carry a fetus to term and give birth she deserves all the support and help and love people have to give.  A pregnancy that is desired is beautiful and I personally believe that all mothers and children deserve a calm intensely enjoyable pregnancy.  This cannot happen in a pregnancy that is being completed only because a woman in unable to find an abortion provider.  A woman will often feel that she is being invaded.  Some women become resentful of the fetus and that can carry over to a child after birth.  Now not only has the woman been forced to carry an invader inside her, but now she must give the rest of her life to it.  This is not how most people would like to begin a life with a new child.

         Abortion is scary.  It just is.   The propaganda put out by anti-choice advocates makes is terrifying.  I have had women tell me during a counseling session that they know they will be bi-polar, but they have to have the procedure.  The psychological damage done to patients with simple misinformation is irreparable.  It tears me apart every time I see a woman who knows two things she can’t continue this pregnancy and she will wake up a murderer…  How do you explain to someone that the pamphlets and billboards and sermons they have heard and seen are wrong?  How do you look at something like this picture with a rape victim sitting across from you and ask her to look at her sonogram so she knows the pictures aren’t what she is doing?  How do you explain to her that she is still a good a good person and she isn’t killing another person in a way that she knows you’re telling her the truth?

        Women sit across from me clutching this picture and pictures like this and I can’t take them to a point where they can un-see it. I can only explain to them that the fetus is not aware that it exists.  How do I ask her to look at her sonogram to see that her sonogram is not at the same development as the one in her hand?  How do you un-do the damage this does? 

       Why would you design something that is aimed at rape victims?  Have rape victims not been through enough?  Chances are they already blame themselves for their attack and in a society whose leaders are under the impression if you get pregnant during a rape, you wanted it; who can blame for feeling the way they do?  Rape victims who find out they conceived during the attack sometimes don’t want any part of their attacker and duh?  They don’t what to carry a fetus to term whose DNA came from a monster.  A rape victim forced to carry to term will not go on maternal auto pilot.  She may very well resent  a child she didn’t want and conceived in an attack.  If a rape victim does want to carry to term she needs love and support if she does not she needs love and support.  You DON’T abuse rape victims.  It is despicable.  The person who designed this had the intention of making rape victims who abort feel worse.  FUCK YOU
If you are the type person who would use a rape victims emotions to further victimize you are cruel.  You have nothing positive to offer anyone.  I hope you are ignored by all, if you are ignored you will disappear.  I hope no woman anywhere listens to anything you have to say.  I hope your hate is deleted.  


  1. gee, if they're THAT kind of person, I hope they die, AND disappear...

  2. I have had that thought a time or two.