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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Escort Experience

Episode: 123

Hosts: Alexandra, Jainway, Zena

Guests: Tiffany

Alex, Jain and Zena all visited the Jackson, MS clinic.  They talk about the experience dealing with the pro-lifers during the 40th Anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade event.  

Flip Benham was the main speaker at the pro-life rally.  And they talked about the "Truth" trucks.
Discussion on pro-life deceptive literature.
Discussion about a pro-loser fail at the Birmingham, AL clinic.  
Discussion about re-opening the late George Tiller's clinic. 
Alex and Jain recant some of their experiences with Sex Education in High School, and talk about the stigma of women from small towns having abortions.
Answered a few questions from the chat room.
Alex's gives us another great feminist rant.

The show got cut off a few minutes before the end, due to technical problems with the Internet.  

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