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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Want to test the courage of an anti's conviction?
Lay a written contract in front of them. 

Zena is nauseatingly familiar with small print on contracts, so it struck her, why not make an anti throw up instead?  If they poop in their pants, all the better.
If Mr or Ms Anti,  are soooo against any woman getting an abortion, for whatever reason, then Mr or Ms Anti should be willing to PERSONALLY stand behind their convictions in this matter, and not just hide behind some organization that does little to help the woman, except perhaps to offer a "goodie bag" of newborn diapers and applications to file for food stamps.  Sign up now, Mr or Ms Anti, before the rush begins.
If Mr or Ms Anti are sincere, then PERSONALLY support the woman, from this day forward, and Zena means PERSONALLY, financially, and emotionally support the pregnancy you are so intent on forcing on a woman. 
And Mr or Ms Anti, you shall PERSONALLY support the baby for the next 40 years.  Only pregnancy ends in 9 months -- there's another 18 to 25 years of education, food, clothing, training, and housing you shall provide.  YOU PERSONALLY, Anti, not some church group, not some adoption agency, not some distant "save america" or "for-life" organization, or even the particular state you live in, because after all, other organizations you so lightly support are trying their best to cut all taxpayer funded support to women -- women who pay taxes too.  You want the woman to NOT abort, then YOU shall step up and sign the contract to do so. 
Mr or Ms Anti's money shall be where their mouths are, by written contract.  It's not slavery, it's not coercion -- Mr or Ms Anti shall dutifully commit their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to supporting this woman...the vitriol and lies put into brochures and "sidewalk" counseling don't make a woman change her mind, only solid deeds and written contracts will.  And if Mr or Ms Anti should default, the woman could use that contract to sue for damages.   

It isn't enough to just SAY you're against abortion, and if you're sitting on the fence or claim to have no stake in the issue, then you are, by default, part of this same group.  YOU must PERSONALLY have the courage of your convictions and do what our Founding Fathers did, even under penalty of sure death if they failed...SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE. 

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