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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Escort Experience

Episode: 126

Hosts: Alexandra, Zena



We had some technical issues with the Internet at the beginning of the show.  The problem got fixed a few minutes into the show.

Alex takes the day off from clinic escorting. 

Alex and Zena take several calls from the audience.

What happened with HB57 at the house committee meeting 
Kurt Wallace
Shad McGill 
Fast Tracking 
Jim McClendon
Sue McClurkin 

What Happened with HB108
The bill was heard in insurance committee, instead of the health committee to draw attention away from it.  Since HB57 was meeting at the same time.  
The prolife legislature fast tracked it
Discuss Sexism in the super bowl ads. Especially the Audi commercial.

Rick Perry’s assault on women’s rights. Texas replacing Medicaid with some BS

South Dakota proposed "No Weekends or Holidays" waiting period that could eliminate access to safe abortion care.

Equal Rights Amendment

Alex and Zena discuss the Abolish Human Abortion facebook page.

Alex takes 2 more calls from the audience.

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