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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Good Ole Doc Bentley Doesn't Know How to Add...

And Just How Do You Purpose We Do This ?
            Well the Dumbasses did it.  They passed the HB57 in the middle of the night, and Good ole Doc Bentley had himself a big celebration to sign that dumb shit.  So after all this, what is going on at the clinics?  They are trying to look into the crystal ball to find out how to comply will all the stuff in that TRAP legislation…
            You would think that it would be a matter of receiving a copy of dumb regulations about 6ft hallways and other ridiculous things, but it’s more complex than that.  The law goes into effect in 90 days at which point the ADPH will storm into the clinics to ensure they are “up to code”, well guess what?   The code won’t exist until after 180 days.  How do you bring a building up to code before the code is written?
            Now I’m not the brightest light bulb on the holiday tree, but I don’t know how to follow a set of rules that literally haven’t been written.  Are they just going to go to the clinics and say, "hmmm I don’t like those curtains. I think we need to write a rule about them," and then shut the clinic down for it?  I just don’t know how they are expecting providers in Alabama to predict the future…………
Clinics are required to meet regulations 90 days prior to the time the regulations will actually exist………..I know for a fact that the West Alabama Women’s Center is actively trying to meet these regulations.  They have studied the bill, which is obscure to say the least, and are hoping that maybe they can predict the language of the regulations.
I’m not one to say when a Governor is setting up people to fail, but good ole doc Bentley has ensured that the clinics in Alabama will have to update their facilities at least twice.  This is unnecessary.  How about the health department make their requirements in about 30 days, which would give the clinics 60 days to comply???  Not that 60 days is long enough to complete major structural changes to a medical facility, but at least they will know what the end goal should be.

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