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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rally to Support Women's Healthcare Followed by Midnight House Session........

I Support Women's Healthcare Rally April 2, 2013
Planned Parenthood hosted a rally in opposition to HB57. The rally was located at the state house in Montgomery AL. Several Speakers energized the crowd and really brought home the points in the bill that are harmful to women.

Representatives from Planned Parenthood defined the fight. They made is crystal clear that this fight is about healthcare and that abortion is only one area of women’s health. They did not demand abortion in their representative led chants, they demanded women’s healthcare and they demanded it always.

Millie from Bucksnort demanded that her dentist be required to have 6ft wide hallways due to the fact that tooth extraction is a riskier surgery than abortion and if this is a safety issue, it should be applied to all surgical facilities. Amanda from the University of Alabama made sure that everyone was aware that women her age, who are directly affected by this legislation, would not be able to pursue their other life goals if they are forced to give birth. She also brought home the fact that if women are stripped of a safe and legal option to terminate a pregnancy they will return to the back alley abortionist.

Senator Linda Coleman, Senator Precilla Dunn, and Senate Minority Leader Vivian Davis all begged that women be more active politically, encouraged people to seek out qualified women to run for office. They made sure we were aware that there are no female republicans in the Senate in the State of Alabama. They believe and made me believe that until women are equally represented in the legislature laws will not come to pass that treat women equally.

After the rally we went to watch the senate. A few people who had never watched the legislature were in shock at how unprofessional the senators conducted themselves. They spent most their time in the gallery playing with i-pads or talking on the phone. They didn’t seem interested in the debates taking place on the floor and voted on them anyway. Sadly, I’ve seen this every time I’ve been to the Alabama state house and

I’m not surprised at their behavior just angered by it.

After hours of delay many of the opponents of HB57 had to go home. There were only a small number of people at the rally compared to the number of people who wanted to be there. Most people work on Tuesday afternoons and many people weren’t able to get the day off to come down, but sent those of us who were there messages full of support and love. Some people paid for gas for vehicles and some watched the senate from home. People were from all over the state and many have to work tomorrow or have kids to take care of.

Once the gallery was clear of most of us opposed to HB57 they called it to the floor. Oddly supporters of the bill all seemed to show up when it was called. I don’t know how they managed to get information we didn’t seem to have, but it’s not the first time that has happened either.

During the debate Senator Coleman fought like a mother bear defending her young to keep the bill from passing in its current state. She was treated with such disrespect especially by her colleague Scott Beason. Many of us actually turned away in disgust. His attitude toward her was not one you would expect from a co-worker it was the attitude of a person who was in disbelief that someone so far below him would question his wisdom. To treat someone so poorly is inexcusable. His behavior was not representative of anyone I would want speaking for me.

I wonder why they waited to bring up HB57 until after most of us opposed had chosen to return home. Most people stayed until 4:00…..Suddenly once we leave the gallery they decided to bring this bill up at 4:00? I've seen them go home earlier than that. If this were so pressing that they were willing to stay late, why put it off until time to go home? Me thinks my dear senators are hiding something from the citizens of Alabama, but only some citizens. Citizens in support of HB57 seemed to know just when to show up………

I guess to ensure that the opposition wasn’t herd they senate passed the bill without much debate (they clotured it), Sen. Harri Anne Smith did manage to get an amendment added to the bill so we will have an opportunity to oppose it in the House of Representatives again. The house did not vote on that amendment so there is still hope that this TRAP legislation will not become law.

For more information about HB57 please read: HB57 Sue McClurkin


       The house met during the wee hours of the night to approve the amendment.  Long story short it passed somewhere around midnight........Robert Bently has already stated that god told him to sign this into law......I thought he swore to uphold the constitution, but apparently it was his version of the bible.........

Gloria Gray owner of the West Alabama Women's Center one of the few remaining abortion providers in the state of Alabama has a plan.  If we  follow we can stop the assault of women's rights in the state of Alabama and all of the United States.  We're all tired of fighting, I know, but we can't back down.  They are trying to break us and we mustn't let them.

Gloria’s Plan

This has to be our goal for 2014

Step one...stop ignoring the facts, there is a war on women and it must stop.

Step two...expose and vote-out in 2014 all that refuse to accept facts and are waging this war.

Step three...elect in 2014 only those who live in the real world not the religious right world and are prepared to make the tough decisions to stop this War on Women.

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