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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Escort Experience

Episode: 135
Hosts: Alexandra, Zena, and Jainway
Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/prolifersarebullies/2013/04/21/escorting
Special Guest: Goldie

 Notes: Alex and Jain open the show with stories from the clinic. Alex talks about new strategies.

Alex talks about turkey sex. Jain tries to explain vultures, turkeys, and eagles to the lifers.

Alex talks about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. Alex talks about the guy from Mississippi who sent the poison letters to Pres. Obama, and Sen Shelby. Alex talks about bullying of overweight people. Jain talks about male body hair. Goldie joins the show to weigh in on the body hair topic.

Alex and Jain talked about Alabama's Senator Phil Williams. He made some rather condescending remarks to the women in the state. Goldie tells a story about Sen Peter Hanson from New Hampshire, who referred to women as "vagina".

 Alex talks about the play "Vagina Monologues". Zena joins the show late. Zena and Goldie talk about body odor. Alex talks about "real food", specifically homemade cheese. Alex talks about the book "Crow After Roe". Alex and Jain talk about the court case in Huntsville against the spray bottle lady.

 Goldie told us about the new bill in Florida concerning late term abortions.

 Alex, Jain, and Zena talk about the TRAP legislation in Alabama.


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