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Thursday, April 4, 2013

We're saying NO WAY

I might Die
You say you’re a doctor, but you don’t care about people not even the people in your state, you ran for governor and Alabama put you in the mansion and we gave you a chance but you’ve danced all over our rights and you’ve made us fight just to stay alive, you promised us under you we would thrive, but that was all just one big lie

The time in that mansion must’ve fucked with your head, because you thought you would take away our rights and we would roll over and play dead.  We’re stronger than that and here’s the facts since you’ve been in that office we’ve all suffered and in 2014 you’ll suffer the same we’re sick and tired of all your games

The first thing you did was call people illegal and sent workers out of state, our crops all rotted and our farmers lost money now none of us have Alabama food to eat You punish the people who work and even locked up some men from Mercedes Benz, they called all their friends and said Alabama was bad Now we’re all sad, no new jobs have we seen

That was very bad but you didn’t end it there you came after my vagina something I thought was mine, but you said not at this time it’s got to be regulated my anger still hasn’t abated  you claim that abortion is a sin but you don’t mind watching immigrants or citizens starve so long as old white me continue living large

It’s like you don’t understand birth control isn’t optional, it’s a freedom we women have and we won’t let you take it away, we’re standing together to ensure we’re all safe from the laws you intend to pass, you’re signing the TRAP and we won’t take that.  Abortion is safe and you’re risking my life by taking my options away

You’re forcing me to give birth to someone I can’t afford and the food stamp lady said I make too much to qualify for assistance. I don’t have any way to resist this.  I only make 7.25 that’s barely enough for me to stay alive and there’s no way that my child will thrive, I’m only 6 weeks along but the clinic says I’ll have to wait

There aren’t enough clinics around for all women in the state or even in this town and if I have to wait it’ll be too late what’s a girl to do, I’ve heard there are things in my closet I can use and if that’s what it takes that’s what I’ll do, The risk are high I might even die, but that’s the TRAP I’m in, since you got to call HB57 a win

Why would you think I would have a child in this state that doesn’t even believe that all children deserve an education?  The schools here are the worst in the Nation the New York Times says our kids don’t have a chance, this is a 3rd world state my children deserve better than this fate more than 4th rate in a 3rd world state

Alabama isn’t just a place it’s people who need to eat, breathe and live happily we deserve to be treated as well any other people in this country, We’re supposed to have all the rights in the United States Constitution, but the men in Montgomery think they can take them away, but we the people are saying NO WAY

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