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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Escort Experience

Episode: 143
Hosts: Alexandra, Zena, and Jainway
Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/prolifersarebullies/2013/06/22/escorting


Clinic Stories

Alexandra talks about feral cats.

Jainway talks about the #ExposeCPCs.

Alexandra talks about Christian Domestic Discipline.  Find out all about it.  Be sure to find and read the guide online.  http://www.christiandomesticdiscipline.com/

Alexandra talks about Exodus International, a leading "Fix the Gay" organization.  Find out what happened.

A Brigadier General who is a lesbian was selected as the Grand Marshall of the Capital Pride Parade.

Shana from New York receives a cock picture from a person on a dating site.  Find out what she did.  Great story.

Remember you are always at risk when you work at an abortion clinic.  Jain found something that looked like a pipe bomb.

Alexandra and Jain talk about Wrinkled Balls.  Find out about this new cosmetic proceedure.

Alexandra gives an update on Mississippi clinic escorts.

Ace calls in to discuss #ExposeCPCs. She explains how to use the Twitter.

Alexandra talks about the Texas filibuster.  About 200 women showed up to stop the bad legislation.

Ace talks about the results of her survey.  For those of you who follow the blog.  We posted the survey last month.

Alexandra, Jainway and Zena discuss the Paula Deen case.

Alex, and Zena discuss the use of the N-Word.  You should never use the word.

We leave you with a public service announcement from Sarah Silverman.

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