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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Escort Experience

Episode: 146
Hosts: Alexandra, Zena, and Jainway

Link:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/prolifersarebullies/2013/07/14/escorting

Alex and Jainway call into the show from vacation.

Alex reports that there were no protesters at the clinic.

Alex reveals the real reason Texas wants to pass the TRAP bill.  Find out what she learned.

Alex tells us that the Texas bill is a way to enforce religious doctrine on Texas residents.  Michelle Dugger tells us that anyone who opposes this bill is a tool of Satan.

Jainway talks about miscarriages.

Alex found a vehicle with some interesting bumper stickers.  Find out all about it.

Wisconsin just signed into law a Trap bill.

Zena tells us about Texas confiscated tampons from women entering the Legislature.

Jain tells us about a Florida billboard.

A city ordnance in Louisiana bans the gay pride rainbow flag from public buildings.

Rep. Patricia Todd of Alabama is suing the State of Alabama over same-sex marriage.  Zena tells us all about it.

Art museum in Massachusetts looses it funding from a church after is expressed support for the LGBT community.

Zena talks about the legal aspects of marriage equality.

Jainway tells us about beastiality in Star-Trek.

Alex talks about Rush Limbaugh.  He tells his listeners to stop listening to Fox News.

Jain talks about her hopes and dreams involving Art and the Beach.

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