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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Escort Experience

Episode: 147
Hosts: Alexandra, Zena, and Jainway
Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/prolifersarebullies/2013/07/20/escorting


Discussion on office kittens.

Discussion on the Trayvon Martin case.  Find out what we think about the verdict.

Alex reminisces about her time working at the juvenile detention center.

Alex talks about lesbian safe sex.

Jainway talks about the latest fad, Trayvoning.  Find out all about it.

A right wing news agency reported that Trayvon was attempting to make Sizzurp.  That explains the watermelon drink and skittles.  

An Organization called Power U is attempting to get the laws changed in Florida.  Please visit their web site to find out what they are doing.  http://www.poweru.org

Governor Perry of Texas finally signed HB2.  This is the bill that imposes unnecessary measures that will close most of the abortion clinics, and outlaw all abortions after 20 weeks.  Find out all about it.

Alex and Zena talk about Tampon-gate and Jainway talks about shooting tampons.

Doctors unlawfully sterilized at least 150 inmates in 3 prisons in California.  Alex explains what happened.

Zena talks about Virginia's Gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli new obsession, and Arkansas's proposed Person-Hood amendment.

Alex tells us about Rhode Island's Governor vetoing a bill for creating "Pro-life" tags.  He stated it was a violation of Church/State Separation since it benefits a church sponsored charity.

North Dekota Judge strikes down a 2011 abortion bill.  Alex tells us all about it.

Zena tells us about a unique gift sent from a Christian conservative orgainzation to Michelle Bachman.  Find out what they sent her.

Jainway talks about Pink Mass.  A Satanist group from New York preforms a ceremony to make Fred Phelp's mom (founder of the Westborro Baptist Church) gay.

Alex talks about our escort friend from Mississippi.  She is working to end body shaming.

Alex tells us a few clinic stories.

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